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Sunday Picture Post: Reflections on a Woodland Walk

I interrupt the Fungi Fest, for this week only, to bring you this… cos it was amazing. I went in search of pine trees, for their specific fungi. But the woodland is mixed with deciduous. And on this one DRY … Continue reading

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One Grey and Misty Morn

November began with heavy mist. But I refused to stay home. Beyond the farmer’s field, the trees and hills strain to be seen through the mist. Mist: one of the titles in #2019picoftheweek challenge. For details see MariaAntonia

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At the Meeting of One with Another

We humans have recognised the liminal times since our first awakening – the change of winter into spring, of summer into winter, the pivotal solstice as the old year yields to the new. So too the liminal places where water … Continue reading

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Sunday Fungi: What’s This?

Not all fungi are mushroom-shaped. Many are brackets. But some also are… this I tend not to frequent pine forests. Which might explain why, in all these years, this is my first encounter with the Yellow Stagshorn, for it likes … Continue reading

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Lilies… a study

You must know by now I’m addicted to flower photography. But while my usual subjects are found growing by the wayside, not these. These lilies are my regular treat to myself. Photo posted for #2019picoftheweek challenge title Delightful For details … Continue reading

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The Tweenies of Tweeny Wood

Between and betwixt the Hall and the Marsh, there you’ll find the Tweeny Wood where Tweenies live – ‘tween this year and the last ‘tween this month and next ‘tween this day and the last ‘tween this moment and next … Continue reading

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Sunday Fungi: Weeping Widows

And where might one find Weeping Widows? In a graveyard. And that’s where I found these Inkcaps.

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In Amongst the Brambles

It’s the season. It can’t be helped. Let me loose along the green lanes with a camera and I’m bound to find some fungi. Even if they are Hidden. And here’s one that was growing nearby. Photos posted for #2019picoftheweek … Continue reading

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CCC51: The Wicker Spider

On Halloween Night the wicker spider weaves… a sticky web to catch the spirits on the breeze: Wicked imps and sneaky sprites, malevolent boggarts that give us a fright, streaming through the forest trees, rustling and hissing as they kick … Continue reading

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Sunday Fungi: Bloody Brackets

Yes, folks, it’s fungus season, no denying. And what a bumper season it is. Fungi like it warm and damp. And with this being the Sunday before Halloween, I thought this *Beefcake Bracket*, with its dripping blood, would fit the … Continue reading

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