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Slam the Man

It was easy to take stock To list the qualities The abilities The attained training The experience To lay my plans I would not be taken for a fool again I would marshal my weapons And SLAM the man! 39 … Continue reading

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The Alpha Male

My man is resourceful He’s intelligent, tenacious – he stays the course, has a PhD He’s imaginative, the creator of hot plots that feature me His body’s robust, well-formed with thighs that are solid Respected, respectable, nothing about him squalid … Continue reading

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Until Forever

Glow My heart does glow I’ll have you know When you are near When you show you care Slow The days goes slow Like a sluggard flow When you’re not around When you are gone Grow My love does grow … Continue reading

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An Ode to I Know Who

Ought I to blush? Am I a lush To spend the night In Dionysus’ arms inebriated by his charms? A Bacchanalian revelry, My Lord, I cry, It’s most unlike me!

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By Winds A’swirl

Yonder is where I want to beYonder where you went from meYonder whence you call to meYonder beyond what I can seeYonder lies another worldYonder where my heart is furledYonder where, by winds aswirl,My love was hurled. 44 words written … Continue reading

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You are my Sun

You are my sun You keep my warm You light my life When day is done You carry me down To enfold me In your netherworld of dreams Yet, my love, you are so hot I’ll burn if at a … Continue reading

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CCC122: Dancing Naked

Donald Duck He’s the man for me, Uncle-sent and spicy-green. I’ll play Sapphire to his Steel, He’ll be Mallard, I’ll be Teal, Fantasy or is it real? Call me crazy, it’s insane Dancing naked in the Rain

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CCC121: A Fantasy

You can send me flowers, Lavender roses and pink chrysanths; You can write lyrical poems, Liken me to the stars and the moon; You can text me, message me, even DM me. But oh, my would-be lover While you remain … Continue reading

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A Universe Apart

Your eyes, though they’ve never seen me, draw me Your lips, though they’ve never tasted me, caress me Your arms, though the centuries pass, enfold me While your soul, never ending, calls to me Though our hearts beat a universe … Continue reading

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A Heart Full of Love

A heart full of love The greatest joy That I possess 11 words, written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Possess

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