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Book Review: Roots of Rookeri by Crispina Kemp — Sammi Loves Books

Crispina Kemp, historical fantasy author of the five book series, The Spinner’s Game, and Learning to Fly, is about to release another fantastic story, this time, Roots of Rookeri, my review for which you can find below.  It’s set for release … Continue reading

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Murky’s Empire

The Magnificent Maker made humankind and like troublesome flies, they multiplied. ‘Here are too many,’ he said and sent a flood. He saved a few which again became many. They had roofs over their heads, food in their bellies and … Continue reading

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CCC117: Learning to Fly

Neve refused to speak to Raesan until safely arrived at the heliport. And the tension… like she sat in a bath with someone butter-fingered holding a bar-heater above her. It was a wonder the combined anger of Rat and Raesan … Continue reading

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