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Our Self-Induced Illusions

I might have taken to penning romance, but here’s my answer to those who seek to see a transformation What lies delight us How eager to believe our self-induced illusions That here is love and here is truth And here … Continue reading

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A Free Spirit, Me

A free spirit he called me That’s what I am Then complained when I gallivanted Out of season, out of time and mind A free spirit, he said me But I cut him to the quick When my gallivanting Stole … Continue reading

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The Turn of the Year

Come join our hands Come touch the sky Come dance the dance And thread the stones Rejoice this day The sun stands high For on the morrow she cannot stay Her southern lover draws her away

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If I Open the Door

Love called for me today I ducked my head Said go away I do not want To feel these things The doubts, the fears That love will bring I had built a wall Had hemmed me in And learned to … Continue reading

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Lap Up That Pain

Lap up that pain That feeling mightn’t come again You might find numbness follows Fear inures you to another Armour, thickened skin, self-protection Grown and honed to impenetrable perfection Lap up that pain You might not ever feel again To … Continue reading

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To the Legend… a belated eulogy

Mama called him obstinate Too stubborn to change his ways Papa called him obdurate That hell awaited his end of days But he rocked, and he rolled Heels dug into that slippery road Strutted along unheeding, refused the call Sights … Continue reading

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About a month ago Entangle Designs challenged me to write a romantic poem. I don’t do romantic stuff, I said. And then delivered my poem on time. Well, seems I’ve caught the bug, cos here’s another… To wait on you, … Continue reading

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With Clouds and Roses

You smashed into me with clouds and roses Shattering my composure Now the coloured fragments of my heart Reforming Becomes a kaleidoscope, enchanted 23 words written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Kaleidoscope

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Is it a Crime

Those who regularly read my post will know that while I write rhymes that occasionally pass as poetry, I don’t do the romantic stuff. But here I’ve been challenged (thank you, N.R. of EntangleDesigns), and so… Is it a crime … Continue reading

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CCC#81: Johnny Be Good

Little Johnny B Goode should have been named No Good For Little Johnny never did as Little Johnny should Little Johnny B Good, don’t you go near that water But Little Johnny B Good, being at best No Good, ventured … Continue reading

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