General Genres on the Menu

Image by Couleur on pixabay

I am an avid reader
I eat books as another eats a feast
Though wary I am of the English Bard
His Complete Works is a beast

On Christyesque Whodunnits I like to snack
Thrillers and Political Espionage might fill the crack
That starts to gape between the heftier courses
Historical… hysterical: I’m picky about the sources

In Romance – contemporary, gothic – I don’t exalt
But must sprinkle thoroughly with plenty of salt
And Sci-fi now reminds me over much
Of those days when I was told to eat my greens
Those long-gone days – my teens

No, Fantasy scripted with ingenious brainpower
that’s what I like most to devour

108 words written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Devour

About crispina kemp

Spinner of Asaric and Mythic tales
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54 Responses to General Genres on the Menu

  1. Violet Lentz says:

    you are becoming brilliant with these responses. this one is delectable..

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  2. Kim Smyth says:

    Never got into fantasy much, my genre fav is horror, though lately, it seems my books of choice have been more crime and whodunnit mixed with a splash of romance (See C Hope Clark’s Edisto series).

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  3. Jen Goldie says:

    Brilliant write Crispina! It brought a much needed smile. I’ve been consuming more movies lately and your brilliant prose has made me think I really should read more. Excellent take on the prompt! 🙂

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  4. Dale says:

    This is absolutely brilliant, Crispina!

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  5. EntangledDesigns says:

    This is wonderful! 🙂


  6. Ben Naga says:

    Good hunting, friend. 🙂


  7. What an awesome poem. You got a laugh and big smile out of me. Enjoy your feast. 🙂


  8. Tien Skye says:

    THE SECOND LINE! “I eat books as another eats a feast” This is very evocative!


  9. Joy Pixley says:

    That’s quite the well-balanced feast! A little bit of everything good and a lot of fantasy, sounds delicious to me. Although I’ll take some science fiction on the side as well – some nice juicy modern stories, though, not the hard dry older stuff.

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    • I admit I don’t read much sci-fi these days, but more because I have very full TBR lists

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      • Joy Pixley says:

        I do too. My goal is to read enough books that my to-be-read book shelves will only be one layer deep, instead of the front layer hiding the back layer. But a couple days ago, I counted them up, and realized that I have more books on that front layer than I read all last year. So even if I buy NO new books (which is not going to happen, obviously), I still won’t reach that goal. Not this year at least. Maybe make some progress, though!

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      • I give up on goals. I’ve a TBR list longer than the next five years. Some of those will not see the light of day. Good luck with yours. 🙂

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  10. Oh, I enjoyed your poem so much. Is your reading taste the same as the reading-statue in the photo? Me? I enjoy all genres, even sci-fi, but not horror. I need to sleep at night…


  11. MythRider says:

    I’m not much for poetry, but I really liked this one.

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  12. Love how you talk about yourself and what you read. You actually seem like the kind of person who might be into that American Chimera series I’m posting, haha!

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  13. MythRider says:

    Crispian, I have a friend who publishes a magazine dedicated to authors of short stories, poems, and flash fiction. Here is the address to this month’s published issue. I have two ff in it.
    WINK I-11 guts 011420 contributor proof.pdf
    I sent her this ff of yours. She likes is and would like to use it. You don’t get paid. You do get a proof copy and you will have first opportunity to buy an official copy.
    If you’re interested, here is her web page where you can contact her:
    I told her we are blog buddies.
    Phyllis Moore

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  14. MythRider says:

    oops: I just realized she also sent the address to submission:

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