Hark His Delicate Manners

Image by Les Whalley on Pixabay

“Ribald, sit,” said Ribald’s neighbour. Young, delicate, he looked better suited to the Church than to battles. But Guy knew who he was, had seen him several times at the king’s court. He was the Breton Count Stefan. “I’m told you come seeking my brother?”

Guy bowed deeply from where he stood at the far end of the hall. “Lord. I do seek audience with Count Alan. On a matter most urgent.”

“Ho! Hark at his delicate manners! Who’s his lord, did he say?” called a blond drunkard from the high-table.

“See the badge on the boy?” said his companion. “Belongs to that old fart Rainald.”

106 words, excerpt from Bellinn Road, a time-slip fantasy posted in 2012-2013 as Neve.

For details:  Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt

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12 Responses to Hark His Delicate Manners

  1. An interesting excerpt, but I need some back story in order to sort out the first paragraph, since you have three characters mentioned. Or maybe I’m just dense.
    Was Ribald a person? Was “Ribald’s neighbour” the young, delicate fellow suited to church? Was Guy “Ribald’s neighbour,” who told him to sit? Did Guy know who Ribald was, or who Ribald’s neighbour was? And which of the three asked the last question?


    • Ribald is the man’s name, his neighbour at table being the delicate Count Stefan, more suited to the Church than to battle. Guy is the supplicant who, they remark, has delicate manners, unlike the lord he serves (Rainald)

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  2. Violet Lentz says:

    That photo and the title together are classic! perfectly written piece. Is Neve a pen name?

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    • No, Neve was the title of the posted story; the Protagonist’s name, short for Nineve.
      And I thank you for your interest.


      • Violet Lentz says:

        Aha! Is it posted here on your blog?

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      • It does still exist on the blog, but not the easiest to find since last week I did a thorough tidy!
        If you’re interested to search on the home page for *Neve* brings up the posts, but easiest it to go for the page of chapter links. Only I’m not sure if it’s still available for viewing. Neve is earmarked as the next story for KDP publishing after *The Spinner’s Game*. However, I can it available to you, if you’re interested in pursuing it further.


  3. Jen Goldie says:

    Interesting juxtaposition of the “Delicate” little guy in the photo with your piece. Brings a smile. I pictured every moment in the long banquet room with unruly quests and the poor young man trying to get attention for his mission.Very nice use of the prompt 🙂 OH and interestingly an mention of an old “Fart” hehehe

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  4. “That old fart” — after all the pretty medieval language, this made me laugh

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