It’s Spring

I’m not sure whether to enter this as ‘It’s Spring’, or ‘Close-Up’: my offering for this week’s #2018picoftheweek Challenge.

Pussy Willow

Pussy Willow: Photo 13th March 2018

There are several species of willow in the Uk with the alias of Pussy Willow, but only two grow in East Anglia: the Goat Willow, and the Grey Willow, both aka Sallow. So which is this?

The Goat Willow grows to be a small tree. The Grey Willow remains ever a bush. Since the photo is a close-up of the long-shot below, I’d say it qualifies for tree status.

Underpass at Whitlingham

The underpass on the Norwich Southern Bypass at Whitlingham. Photo 13th March 2018

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  1. It could fit either prompt, but I’d ultimately choose It’s Spring! This pic just oozes spring-i-ness 🙂

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