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Tuesday Treat: Leaf and Berry, Hip and Hop

No, it’s not a dance and neither a music craze. It’s the approach of autumn. I think we can say that autumn is on it’s way

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Sunday Picture Post: Cross-bred Plums

The wild plum cross-pollinates freely with the orchard-grown varieties… greengage, damson, you name it. So I’m not going to name this one thing or another. I had to include this. Love the colours.

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Summer . . . Fruits!

First of August . . . a country walk  . . . and I’m amazed at the fruits: how early, how abundant . . . .

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Nuts (and seeds) the Heralds of Winter

Fruit, soft-bodied, must be enjoyed while fresh. While the hard encasing of nuts and seeds means they’ll store for winter. Like these . . . My next photo-blog will very likely feature cliffs, and the sea. I’m away on a … Continue reading

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The Fruits of Summer

As September draws to a close many a lane is scarlet-studded as bush and tree yields its annual flush of fruit. Here are some, though not all scarlet. While many of the hedgerow berries are edible, SOME are not. So, … Continue reading

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