In Careless Abandon

26th April 2023

When I’m out walking the camera there are some subjects that prove irresistible. Oddments of abandoned clothing is one. I know this isn’t my boot, but it is someone’s. And so I claim it!

My Gear, one of the titles from Maria Antonia’s #2023picofthe week

Which very nicely rounds off the Bingo Challenge with a fourth line. Heck, I don’t usually manage even the one!!!

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14 Responses to In Careless Abandon

  1. I always wonder about how things like that boot ended up there! There’s got to be a story, right?

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  2. Dale says:

    Whenever I see a shoe or a boot, I cannot help but wonder what’s what. A glove is easily dropped…. a shoe? Claim it if you will!

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