Sunday Picture Post: Ham, Thorpe and Nethergate

14th September saw us taking the bus into Norwich, and out again to Norfolk’s second highest place (Upper Stoke/Poringland) from which “high place” we walked down to the village in the valley. Shotesham. Now to resume the walk

In long ages past Shotesham comprised four parishes, each with its own parish church (the first two photos I took on a previous visit)

Shotesham All Saints: 12th June 2017

Remains of St Botolph: 12th June 2017

St Martins (another ruin) and St Mary’s. Of the four, only St Mary’s and All Saints are now in use

14th September 2022

We stop by the village pond to rest awhile…

14th September 2022

Then it’s off along a wooded trail to a magical woodland pool…

14th September 2022

And out the other side…

14th September 2022

14th September 2022

We’re soon back into cow-country!

14th September 2022

Saxlingham comprises two parishes: Nethergate and Thorpe. Nethergate meaning Low Street, one expects Thorpe to be “higher”. And so it was in long ages past. But when a watermill opened at the next village (Newton Flotman) the village migrated towards that potential employment.

Nethergate: 14th September 2022

A walk through Smockmill Common, Saxlingham Thorpe

14th September 2022

Great Horsetails grow here, topping my height and more

14th September 2022

14th September 2022

The Tas, a river shared by the two villages: Saxlingham here, Newton over there

14th September 2022

And now it’s time to catch the bus back. Hope you enjoyed our walk. For me, it was walking in the footprints of my Kemp ancestors


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6 Responses to Sunday Picture Post: Ham, Thorpe and Nethergate

  1. Sadje says:

    Such a green and peaceful place. Thanks for sharing

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  2. Nope, Not Pam says:

    Love the cows šŸ™‚

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