Bad News

What use a newspaper when the news is grim
Better to burn it, make the day less dim
Been like this now for years
Headlines grimmer than a soul can bear
Come on, reporters, you can do better than this
Or is it that editors won’t take a risk
We’ve heard this before
From torturers of yore
Making profits out of people’s wails
Bad news mean big sales

68 words written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Newspaper

About crispina kemp

Spinner of Asaric and Mythic tales
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17 Responses to Bad News

  1. Sadje says:

    Absolutely right! Better stay away from all forms of news.

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  2. Dale says:

    Exellent take, Crispina. And so very true. It’s why I basically avoid the news as much as possible!


  3. Nope, Not Pam says:

    You’ve nailed that one, or it’s the no news story, influencer did this, star did that. Give me a break 😟

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  4. Bill says:

    Nicely done. Reality.

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