Sunday Picture Post: Intwood

We left our walk at Catbridge Lane, heading to East Carlton and Intwood. To resume (all photos 1st June 2021)

Across the paddock, beyond the thicket and gardens and common, is Mulbarton church. But we’re not heading that way.

Foxtail grasses (or maybe timothy) edges a paddock… edges a paddock, as do we

The footpath delivers us onto another tree-shaded lane… to East Carlton

One of two gatehouses we pass, guardians of East Carlton Manor

This shady lane leads down to the river (which here is barely a stream). But that’s not where we’re going

Last time I came here there was only a stile. Now there’s a kissing gate (and the stile remains)

Truly, all the way from East Carlton to Intwood the lane was wonderfully shaded with vistas of sheep meadows beyond

Finally out of the trees… and we’re greeted by a cooling breeze. Close to lunchtime now, thinking of where we shall stop

The distinctive mail van adds just the right note to this picture of a canola field and verges lined with hedge parsley

Ah! Intwood church… where we’ve reserved a seat beneath a cherry tree to eat our lunch

The Lady of Intwood. Who is she? I’ve featured this before (Sept 2018) and at that time I researched her identity. Mystery Lady

Buttercup meadow alongside the lane back to Swardeston to catch the bus home

Hope you’ve enjoyed our walk and enjoyed the views of this fresh green land

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8 Responses to Sunday Picture Post: Intwood

  1. Sadje says:

    I really enjoyed this walk with you.

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  2. Thanks for the virtual tour, Crispina. I loved the pictures

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dale says:

    A refreshing and cool-feeling walk. Thank you, Ms Crisp!

    Liked by 1 person

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