Sunday Picture Post: Not Such a Dry Day

Despite a spate of wet days, Monday 9th November was to remain dry (according to the Met Office. Met Office lied!) We bused to Acle on the far side of the grazing marshes where the land starts to rise.

The first of several footpaths, farms tracks and not-so-green lanes taken that day.

Was it mist? Or was it a fine drizzle? 9 Nov 2020

And was this all the autumnal colour we’d find? No. Lo! The spindle tree

9 Nov 2020

And bracken. We can always rely on bracken for seasonal colour

9 Nov 2020

We didn’t expect to find much by way of fungi. Ha! We were not disappointed

9 Nov 2020

But we did find a tiny spider suspended on its web above a leaf. Can you see it?

9 Nov 2020

And teasel, loads of teasels that formed a screen for the copper-leaved silver birch trees behind

9 Nov 2020

It mightn’t be raining (yet) but some stretches of those green lanes are ankle-deep in mud

9 Nov 2020

Oh, those umbellifers, is there ever a season when they’re not a photographer’s delight?

9 Nov 2020

After the mud… a ricketty bridge. Hmmm. And as you see, we’re still walking through a drizzly-mist

9 Nov 2020

But the chickens don’t mind. Free-range means free range here. Happy hens

9 Nov 2020

And into the woods

9 Nov 2020

Where the drizzle turns to rain

9 Nov 2020

That rain pelted us, but we were able to shelter the while in a nearby church porch (I thank you, Saint Andrew of Burlingham)

As soon as the rain stopped, we set off again, now along a farm track. Oh brillig, now we are really talking mud (it got much worse than this)

9 Nov 2020

9 Nov 2020

But it was worth being out straight after the rain before the branches and berries could shed their drops

9 Nov 2020

Spindle berries: 9 Nov 2020

Guelder Rose: 9 Nov 2020

Rosehips: 9 Nov 2020

By now we had reached the extent of our walk (Hemblington). We had eaten our lunch. It was time to turn round and come back. Hopefully, we’d make it back to the bus before there was more rain.

Is that blue sky I spy?

9 Nov 2020

But that blue again disappeared. I put away the Canon; these final photos were taken with the phone

9 Nov 2020

No words needed…

9 Nov 2020

Hope you enjoyed our little walk in the rain. We didn’t get thoroughly drenched, but we did return home rather soggy. As to our feet, caked in mud. But it was a good walk, a round trip of 10-mile plus. And we did find more fungi than that one I’ve shown. But I’m holding onto them for later.

This past week we haven’t been able to get out for a 10-miler. Hopefully this coming Thursday.

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15 Responses to Sunday Picture Post: Not Such a Dry Day

  1. aFrankAngle says:

    Wet feet and all, I enjoyed this walk. So many images to enjoy – especially the closeups!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dale says:

    I love your walks, in mist, sun, mud, dry land…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jen Goldie says:

    Oh Wow! It’s really muddy! It doesn’t seem to bother the chicken though! 🙂
    We’re having a snow storm here now, and it’s beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jen Goldie says:

    It does look curious.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. A pleasant if muddy walk. It’s been pretty dry here so we have a lack of mud! I love the teasels – one of my favourites.


  6. We? Glad you have a walking partner for this!

    Liked by 1 person

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