Sunday Picture Post: In the Steps of Foxes

Last week I invited you to accompany me along Breydon Water and across Breydon Marshes. This week, the same route but reversed. And how different it is.

Dog roses, fragile in the early morning shade: 2nd June 2020

1737, someone’s farmhouse, now used as a barn: 2nd June 2020

Corn marigolds, poppies, field pansies, bugloss, and more, prove this is an organic farm: 2nd June 2020

Foxgloves, foxgloves, they were everywhere: 2nd June 2020

The Norfolk flag (aka yellow iris), ditches like this help to drain the marshes: 2nd June 2020

And here’s what our marshes look like this time of year, spangled with buttercups: 2nd June 2020

Drainage ditches, too wide for jumping! I’ve spotted some rare marshland plants hiding in these: 2nd June 2020

A long shot of the horses; they were keeping a distance (that’s the skyline of Gt Yarmouth in the background): 2nd June 2020

And here’s one of the farm-tracks. All private roads, but open to considerate walkers: 2nd June 2020

Breydon Water when the tide’s not so high. Mud. (There were birds but over the far side.) 2nd June 2020.

That’s all for now, folks. Hope you enjoyed.

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37 Responses to Sunday Picture Post: In the Steps of Foxes

  1. Dale says:

    Very much enjoyed, Crispina. Thank you for bringing us along on your walk.

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  2. The brickwork on that barn is stunning! An expensive job in its day I’m sure.

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  3. Again, wonderful photos 😍

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  4. The pictures are so amazing! Thanks for bring us along as well πŸ™‚ How are you?

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  5. I think I enjoyed it even more this way around πŸ™‚

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  6. Joy Pixley says:

    What a lovely walk. Interesting brickwork on that old farmhouse. Can you tell if there used to be some type of eaves or decoration around the top edges where it’s now whitened?

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  7. Foxgloves are some of my favorites. Nice pic.


  8. Beautifully peaceful scenes. Lovely!

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