Sunday Fungi: A Touch of Rococo

Possibly a milkcap: November 2019

Or if you prefer, Late Baroque. And I believe this does conform to “Mushroom” on the majority of paintcharts.

And for your edification: Rococo on Wiki

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27 Responses to Sunday Fungi: A Touch of Rococo

  1. Cool, to me it kind of looks like a fancy bowl.

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  2. Dale says:

    Definitely has a Rococo look to it and when one says mushroom-coloured, this is the colour that comes to mind.. though since knowing you, I find that rather limiting… Kind of like “flesh” used to mean that Caucasian light pink/peach tint…

    You have definitely expanded my fungi horizons!

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  3. Deborah says:

    This is pretty! I like its very unique shape and coloring! Nice choice Crispina! ❤


  4. Jen Goldie says:

    Thanks for the “edification” link. I needed it. I agree “Rococo”.in style. A wonderful display from a mushroom. You’re lucky you found it 🙂

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  5. Judy says:

    Kind of pretty with appealing curly edges. Reminds of the Fenton bowls and carnival glass which I enjoy.

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  6. Violet Lentz says:

    It really does have an ornate quality to it. I read your comment to Dale, and although I will be missing my weekly fix of fungi porn, sunshine sounds even better…..


    • This is around the time I usually change focus. It’s just this year I shall be pulling photos from my stores. We all need that sunshine, and the smiling faces of flowers


      • Violet Lentz says:

        We’re currently in the middle of a wet snow storm. No flowers yet. I am going to have to stay in Fairbanks this winter, as the future of the tourist trade in Healy doesn’t look promising in current light, so it will be a whole new experience for me. A summer on the Chena River… sounds delightful.. Tho’ I will miss the mountains…

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      • I had wondered what you’d do. I assumed things would be closing in Alaska too
        So news yesterday morning hinted that the majority of our non-essential shops were to close. Yikes, my laptop is nearing its final lap. How do I replace it if it dies? So I panic bought a new laptop. But I’m not using it until this one loses the fight. But if I’m offline fr a few days you’ll know that’s me, changing computers.


  7. It is a lovely mushroom, once you look at it a little bit. Deceptively frilly!

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  8. Ramyani Bhattacharya says:

    Wow. Beautiful! It connotes a sense of royalty, I feel


  9. Joy Pixley says:

    Ooh, so fancy! I’ve missed seeing your mushroom finds.

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