image by Manfred Richter on pixabay

Hand-axes, our first achievement
While microliths marked the meso age
Pottery, coiled and burnished, served neo farmers
But copper and tin alloyed ushered in our worst epoch

27 words written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Epoch

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22 Responses to Observations

  1. Violet Lentz says:

    Amazing photo and your words really set it off.

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  2. Nice response for “epoch”!

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  3. What about the bronze age do you think made it the worst? (I know almost nothing about the bronze age, so I will agree with whatever you say!)

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  4. With every new technology come the benefits and the drawbacks. Text messages are great time-savers, but my hubby got a text today claiming his Netflix payment didn’t go through. If he’d just click here (and enter his bank info probably) they’d be sure it was processed properly. As you may guess, we’ve never had a Netflix account. I got the same message yesterday.

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  5. Dale says:

    Perfect pairing Crispina!


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