The Tasmanian Devil

Freycinet National Park, Tasmania, by Jimmy D of Rats on Google

It wasn’t a massive boat. But neither was it small. A trimaran… claimed safe in all waters. And by the looks of the clouds that now amassed on the horizon, that claim was about to be tested.

Me, wimp, wanted to turn around, to put into shore, to wait out the approaching storm. But the rest of the party said no, we’d go on.

The wind whipped up. We furled the sails. I was glad of the lifejacket as the sea turned heavy and tossed around us.

“And up there,” said our local guide, his sun-dried head nodded towards the storm-clouds, “is our famous Tasmanian Devil. Rageowrapper.”

107 words written for What Pegman Saw: Tasmania, Australia.

Rageowrapper is a Tasmanian devil of many guises. He might appear as a towering black man, or as the darkness that arrives on a strong wind; but he’s also a malevolent spirit that takes possession of the sick and dying.



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26 Responses to The Tasmanian Devil

  1. Violet Lentz says:

    And here I thought the Tasmanian devil was simply a flesh and fur beast… 4am and you have taught me something already today…. Beautifully written I might add…

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  2. A story full of atmosphere and foreboding about what will happen next….

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  3. k rawson says:

    Rage-o-Rapper could go many different ways. I like how you have me expecting one devil but deliver another sort!

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  4. pennygadd51 says:

    I wouldn’t fancy being on the trimaran in that weather, however safe it was. I can get seasick in a calm…Nice story, Crispina!

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  5. Brian Bixby says:

    Alas, Warner Bros. cartoons have conditioned me into thinking of the cartoon Tasmanian Devil, even though I know what the animal looks like. On the other hand, the cartoon version may be a bit closer to what you describe here: a destructive force of nature, or perhaps a supernatural destructive force.

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  6. Dale says:

    He seems rather oddly at ease with this devil… I’m with the passenger and not feeling particularly comfortable!
    Love this.

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  7. Joy Pixley says:

    What a wonderfully dramatic image you found! I like the term Rageowrapper; I’ve never heard that. If I was the narrator, I would also be feeling like wimping out and turning back, especially when I heard the local call the storm a Tasmanian Devil, much less a Rageowrapper.

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  8. Sounds like they’re about to turn into Tasmanian Castaways!

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  9. I like this on a lot of levels, very chilling and now I want to know what happens next!

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