Crimson’s Creative Challenge #41


Welcome to my weekly challenge—open to all—just for FUN, FUN, FUN

Here’s how it works:

Every Wednesday I post a photo (this week it’s that one above.)
You respond with something CREATIVE

Here are some suggestions:

  • An answering photo
  • A cartoon
  • A joke
  • A caption
  • An anecdote
  • A short story (flash fiction)
  • A poem
  • A newly minted proverb, adage or saying
  • An essay
  • A song—the lyrics or the performance

You have plenty of scope and only two criteria:

  • Your creative offering is indeed yours
  • Your writing is kept to 150 words or less

If you post a link in the comments section of this post I’ll be able to find it
If you include Crimson’s Creative Challenge as a heading, WP Search will find it (theory)
by ‘Searching’ in the WP Reader (fingers crossed)

Here’s wishing you inspirational explosions. And FUN.

About crispina kemp

Spinner of Asaric and Mythic tales
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73 Responses to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #41

  1. What do you get when you cross a Honda with a Tonka?
    A Honka.

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  2. Kim Smyth says:

    “Yo, Daphne, look over there, it’s the pond, let’s go! I gotta get my feet off this hot Texas pavement!”

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  3. Violet Lentz says:

    Duck, duck, goose? I’ll have to pond-er this one for a moment….

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  4. I saw a bunch of geese and ducks on the lawn in front of the KFC processing plant. Initially, I thought of how horrible it was that they were there flaunting their freedom to the condemned chickens, but then I thought no…
    it’s just fowl behavior.

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  5. Jen Goldie says:

    I’ve never met a goose I liked. But then, I’ve never met a goose, not a white one anyways. I’ve met a Canada Goose and watched them flying and honking overhead. But that’s another story.
    This should be fun! 😊

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  6. Caption: Mother Goose and Goosey Lucy taking a gander at the newcomers.

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  8. Forgot the darn title again. I have to stop doing that.

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  10. I think this might ring a few bells, check out Nice photo, I can hear the hissing from here.

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  11. Brian Bixby says:

    “I warned you, Edmund, not to get Sheila mad.”

    “All I did was to call her a silly goose.”

    “And look where that got you. And you had to drag me into it, as well. Maybe it’s not occurred to you, Edmund, that my ambitions extend beyond ornamenting this parking lot with my droppings. Well, they did until now.”

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  18. Violet Lentz says:

    As you will see, I made no effort whatsoever this week to write within the 150 word parameter. Sorry, but I had a story that needed to be told- well, that and I was just having too much fun writing it….

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  21. Prajakta says:

    So happy I stumbled my way here 🙂 Looks like a happy place! This is adorable.

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  24. MythRider says:

    Hi I’m Phyllis from Mythrider. I found you on Dale’s blog A Dalectable Life and was inspired.

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  27. Lovely photo, Crispina. I love geese – they have such an attitude and your photo captures that perfectly 🙂

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