Trevor the Tractor’s Great Day Out

Tuesday-last being a bright and blistering hot day I went to the seaside. Yea, I know, I live on the coast but up a piece and around the corner there’s Cromer.  What I like most about Cromer are the tractors. Meet Trevor. (#2018pickoftheweek: Look at Me)

Trevor the Tractor at Cromer

Trevor the Tractor’s Great Day Out at Cromer: Photo 8th May 2018

I fell in love with Trevor, a particularly anthropomorphic looking vehicle. I would have taken him home but he refused to be parted from his fisherfolk family. Ho-hum.

There being no convenient river as a haven, the fisher-folk of Cromer daily haul their boats ashore by tractor. These vehicles, ever exposed to the salt air, tend to rust pretty quick.


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4 Responses to Trevor the Tractor’s Great Day Out

  1. Trevor looks like he deserves to be in his own picture book! I love that you picked the Look at Me prompt 🙂

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    • crimsonprose says:

      Well, I knew I was going to have trouble fulfilling that prompt. And then I saw the tractor. And he really was looking like he thought himself special. And so he is; he’s one of the most beat-up tractors on that length of shore!
      BTW: I agree about the picture book, and would quite happily spend a couple of weeks setting up shots. Of course, his owner may not be so pleased. The attention might go to his head, and Trevor is a working tractor, after all.

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      • You just added your antagonist to the picture book! Trevor’s surly owner 😉

        Also, I love the fact that Trevor does look so beat up. It just adds to his charm.

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      • crimsonprose says:

        You give me such ideas ….
        The beach here, a devil on the feet, it’s so stony, was totally cluttered with these tractors. But of them all, this one had such irresistible character. Though there was one more battered than this.

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