All That Sparkles

Sun on Water

The sun sparkles on the River Wensum . . . filtered through trees: Photo 3rd May 2018

The photo was taken looking down from a bridge over the River Wensum, on the outskirts of Norwich, with a faster shutter speed than I’d usually use (the bridge parapet served as tripod), and I managed to capture the sparkles.

#2018picoftheweek: Sparkle

And here’s a shot at a more usual angle.

River Wensum at Hellesdon Bridge

River Wensum at Hellesdon Bridge: taken 3rd May 2018

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6 Responses to All That Sparkles

  1. gahlearner says:

    The conventional shot shows a beautiful scene, a lovely place. The first shot is spectacular. It reminds me of a star cluster in space.

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  2. Nice capture of sparkles!

    Not sure what aperture you’re at, but I wonder if a smaller aperture (like f.22??) would also enhance the sparkles by enhancing the sparkly star-bursts.

    I find sparkles a challenge to photograph.

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