Photo Challenge 2018

ofmariaantonia has put out a challenge. To post a new photo every Saturday, list of themes given below or follow the link. I couldn’t resist. Though until our British weather improves, I will be using photos I took in 2017 but haven’t yet posted in any form.

Cart and Ivy Vintage Nature

Nature runs rampant over the remains of a discarded cart: Photo taken 7 August 2017

I’m claiming two categories here: Nature and Vintage!

Want to join in? See ofmariaantonia for full details


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4 Responses to Photo Challenge 2018

  1. Brian Bixby says:

    I think I will just continue to enjoy your pictures, and Judy’s, not try to take my own. Combination of lack of experience, low consumer-grade equipment, other priorities, and likely a lack of talent. (Yes, I was just modest. I need to have a drink. Oh, wait, here’s a beer on the table in front of me. Hope it’s mine . . .)

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  2. I love the juxtaposition of the living, green vines with the old, rusty discarded cart! Nature and vintage, indeed 🙂

    I also love taking photos of old, rusty things from the past. I often wonder what draws us to see the beauty in these things. Because, in some strange way, they are beautiful.

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    • crimsonprose says:

      I live in England where most things are old, outmoded, crumbling or ruined, so I don’t have much choice :). But more seriously, I do have a thing for ‘old’, the triumph of Nature over man-made constructions, though that tends to be by way of church ruins than e.g. old and rotting farm machinery,. Maybe because the latter are usually tucked away in private farmyards. The cart was found alongside a shortcut between villages. The path itself was almost as overgrown!


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