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Funki Fungi

While these pictures  might seem the result of imbibing some ancient hallucinogenic concoction, I do assure you they’re simply the result of playing with ‘image-altering’ software. Enjoy . . . Editing software used: Picasa (preloaded on my laptop) CorelDraw & … Continue reading

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The King’s Beer

Bregan’s cuckold ‘father’ has been blaming the Darkness for his delay in taking Bregan to his sister, the King’s Wife, where she’s to inherit the craft—but when a stranger arrives out of this Darkness everything changes . . . Read on. … Continue reading

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Fantasy Names

It is a cliché that character and place names in fantasy fiction should be ‘strange’. The more distant in time and space, the weirder the names. The reason isn’t hard to divine. Unfamiliar character and place names helps to set … Continue reading

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More on Angels

At risk of labouring, I realise I gave no introductory blurb to The Angel in the Park. It just is there. Whack. So, belatedly . . . When I first wrote Angel in the Park it was as the first … Continue reading

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