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Tuesday Treats: Late Summer Wings

Late summer seems the best time to take photos of dragonflies and butterflies…and a few berries. Enjoy Like alien beings, these dragonflies… Dragonflies…getting it on And beautiful the butterflies Comma, wings closed And wings slightly ajar… More Speckles… And to … Continue reading

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Tuesday Treats: Flowers, ‘Flies, and Fungi

The title says it all. Photos from 26th August 2022. Enjoy. Yea, yea, I know, I’m obsessed with reeds Like little wetland lamps One of those ‘flies… Another ‘fly… Good survival strategy, to be beneath a wind-blown tree That’s all … Continue reading

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Tuesday Treat: Winged Beings and All Those Things

13th June 2022 is a day I shall always remember, as you shall see if you follow my steps around Wheatfen Reserve… First, the caterpillars, little fluffy ones trying to hide behind a stem… And big colourful ones… And where … Continue reading

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