May Day Book Update

And what better day to update you on the new book.


Hare and Adder: Of Granaries, Traders, and Circles of Inspiration

is now available as an e-book on pre-order from Amazon. Both e-book and paperback will be available on 10th June 2023.

Available through this universal link

Hare and Adder is Book One of Alsaldic Lands Trilogy. Book Two follows later this summer but Book Three must wait till next year.

Alsaldic Lands Trilogy

Two thousand years after the events of The Spinner’s Game, Kerrid is the Head of the Kerdolan and granary traders. Though established in this role, there are still Asars who oppose her, led by Urinod who believes the moment of Kerrid’s death will return the Asars to their rightful otherworld realm. Stuck between these are the next generation, Brictans born of Asar-human parentage, and those who seek to make a life within the increasingly important Alsaldic Lands. The trilogy maps the development, flowering and collapse of the Alsaldic Empire as it moves from its birth within an early agricultural society, through the copper and bronze-using warrior cults, to topple at the first whisper of iron.

Hare and Adder

Of Granaries, Traders and Circles of Inspiration – A Neolithic Odyssey

Hegrissa should have been a granary keeper. She should have been able to find her way back to Lienershi when Kerrid, Head of the Granaries, sent her south to meet with her father. She should have been safe with the copper-smith since smiths are sworn off women. But now seduced, pregnant and with her trade lost, her only hope lies with her native family. Yet rejected there too, she finds acceptance with an eblan, a Speaker for the Dead, who believes her inspired. Can she find a new identity amongst these people, or will she reclaim what should have been hers?

A Note about the Neolithic

When I started my nerdy love affair, we had little solid knowledge of the Neolithic. But that’s no longer the case. Yet my stories took form in those earlier days.

Therefore, I have to say these are works of imagination, inspired by mythology, anthropology and archaeology; they do not purport to be accurate or speculative accounts of the Neolithic and Bronze Age cultures of Western Europe.

That’s it for now, folks. I hope you’ll enjoy


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  1. Congratulations Crispina 👍🎉😊

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  2. Dale says:

    I don’t know how you do it. Congratulations on your latest!

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