CCC223: No Goblins Today

Spindle-Legs called to Nimble-Fingers, “Come on, let’s hurry it. The swings are free, the goblins aren’t here today!”

The two play-friends had just hitched themselves onto the high swings and were working them into an exhilarating arc, whooping and laughing when…

Strutting out from the surrounding bushes, a red-wattled goblin demanded in no uncertain terms, “Off!”

Spindle-Legs and Nimble-Fingers scrambled to find their feet, but too late…the goblins surrounded them, pecking them, drawing blood and pain both.

Away from the barn now busy with goblins, Spindle-Legs sighed, “Once… just once.”

“But Spindle-Legs,” Nimble-Fingers groaned, “I think this was our once.”

And it was true, for at least they got to play a short while before the fat feathered goblins bullied in.


About crispina kemp

Spinner of Asaric and Mythic tales
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13 Responses to CCC223: No Goblins Today

  1. Dale says:

    Well… At least they got a little bit of play time! Fun stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

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