Tuesday Treat: Flowers of Sand and Peat

Where the bus stops there is a park, quite delightful with ornamental trees, a cafe, music concerts, and run-around-lawns for the kids. We pass through on the way to the promenade…

Rhododendron: 15th May 2022 

Even the concrete promenade has flowers… for those with eyes. Love how the salt has changed the leaves to purple

Dandelion relative: 15th May 2022 

On the dunes, a tiny flower

Unidentified, guessing at cranesbill: 15th May 2022 

Dune Rose, Sand Rose, Rosa Rugossa… take your pick

15th May 2022 

And choose your colour

15th May 2022 

This next one’s protected (means it’s rare & endangered) so DON’T pick it

Sea Kale: 15th May 2022 

15th May 2022 

Atop the cliff… gorse, of course

15th May 2022 

And into the woods… a Red Horse Chestnut (oh, that old nut!)

15th May 2022 

Anomalies multiply… white bluebells

15th May 2022 

And here was a shot I couldn’t resist

Rhododendron & pine: 15th May 2022 

Cascade of honeysuckle: 15th May 2022 

And with the honeysuckle we must move on. Next week we’re back to the second part of the walk… cliffs and sea

Hope you enjoyed

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Spinner of Asaric and Mythic tales
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17 Responses to Tuesday Treat: Flowers of Sand and Peat

  1. Nope, Not Pam says:

    Beautiful, love seeing the glorious colours 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dale says:

    How could I have missed such a beautiful post? (I’m at work where I should be working but am frankly disinterested so I am being a bad employee…)

    Liked by 1 person

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