First River Crossing

3rd March 2020

To trip on First River’s chalk-rubble strewn bed was considered an ill omen. But Hegrea crossed with nothing worse than soggy shoes and the hem of her alder-red woven-wool dress.

Now to hasten home. Away for three years, this was no day for sauntering. What greeting awaited her? Who had survived?

51 words written for Sammi’s Weekend Prompt: Saunter

About crispina kemp

Spinner of Asaric and Mythic tales
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37 Responses to First River Crossing

  1. Nope, Not Pam says:

    Wow, a great micro tale 😀

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  2. Sadje says:

    You’ve left us wondering about what happens next.

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  3. I’m still writing the story. Hope to be ready to publish Summer 2023


  4. Indira says:

    Nice take. Wishing you great success with your book.

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  5. I guessed it was from a larger work. It works very well to hook the reader!

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  6. Here’s hoping it’s friend, not foe.

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  7. You left me wanting more! Nice.

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  8. Ah, and indeed, would a bad omen find her, or did the water wash away what was left of it?

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  9. Bill says:

    Great story, Crispina. Ver poetic feel to it. Well done.

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  10. As intriguing tales go, they don’t come better than this! Brilliant.

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  11. writingwhatnots says:

    Yes, so intriguing. You have me hooked now.

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  12. Dale says:

    I have to agree. This would make for a great blurb for the story in progress. Excellent!

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