Sunday Picture Post: Lothingland [1st Half]

12th May we bused to Hopton (over the border in Suffolk) to an area known historically as Lothingland (Lothr’s, a Viking). It wasn’t a long walk yet the photo-yield was high. And so I’m dividing the photos across 2 weeks (handy that since between the weather and the op on my eye I haven’t been out this week)

So hop on the bus, we’re going to Hopton.

A taste of the Suffolk lanes: 12th May 2021
Here’s where we turned onto a footpath: 12th May 2021
Swampy pits in woodland setting: 12th May 2021
A woodland path that leads to more woodland: 12th May 2021
More woodland: 12th May 2021
And through a farm: 12th May 2021
Love tractors (almost as much as pylons): 12th May 2021
Lound church… and sky: 12th May 2021
This is Snakes Track (though we’ve never seen one here): 12th May 2021
View across the field: 12th May 2021
A beautiful oak in spring foliage: 12th May 2021
Ashby St Mary’s church: 12th May 2021

A little more track then we’re onto the road to circle around to Lound Lakes and head to Hobland. So here’s a good place to take a break.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this. I hope to be able to get out soon (once my eye has healed) to take some more photos.

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18 Responses to Sunday Picture Post: Lothingland [1st Half]

  1. Strangely I too have a fascination with pylons and tractors but mainly of the vintage kind.

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  2. Sadje says:

    Nice green place.


  3. Tien Skye says:

    I love the photo of the swampy pits and the snake track!

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  4. Thanks a lot for that virtual tour. Now that the second wave is raging and because of the restrictions, my daily commute is just to my office. It felt so great to look at your photos. Hopefully a time will come when we can go out with our lives like how it used to be, before the pandemic.
    I’m glad that you got a lot of photos. And I hope that it was a great trip. 😃

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  5. Wishing you a speedy recovery Crispina. This walk looks like it has some lovely atmospheric footpaths.

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  6. Dale says:

    That second image is so dreamy! Love the lot of photos and looking forward to the next part.

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