Tuesday Treat: And Oh What a Treat!

27th April we went to Tyrrell’s Wood, an ancient woodland managed by Woodland Trust. We’ve been there many times, could walk the route blindfolded. So this time we went a different way. Oh and how glad I am that we did!

Lady’s Smock formed huge spreads along the lanes: 27 April 2021
Cowslips… in abundance. Everywhere: 27 April 2021
A darker yellow, the flowers all to one side, these must be oxlips: 27 April 2021
And on alongside a footpath, a fritillary. Just one. They are rare in the wild: 27 April 2021
Cherry blossom, needs no words to describe: 27 April 2021
And apple: 27 April 2021
27 April 2021
The last of the blackthorn? Or is it bullace? 27 April 2021
Bluebells, the mark of an English woodland, were scarce: 27 April 2021
And tumbling down a bank, primroses: 27 April 2021
Water Crowfoot: 27 April 2021
Dandelions, dog’s mercury and violets cluster around a tree: 27 April 2021
Forget-me-not (and who could): 27 April 2021
Ground ivy (in places it grew mixed with the forget-me-nots): 27 April 2021

There was more, but they were more common and we’ll encounter them for a month or so more in every place we go. Hope you’ve enjoyed these as much as I did in finding them.

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14 Responses to Tuesday Treat: And Oh What a Treat!

  1. Deborah says:

    Just gorgeous! 🙂 ❤

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  2. Sadje says:


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  3. Beautiful photos 🙂

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  4. Dale says:

    Isn’t this time of year splendiferous! Such beautiful blooms to be found looking up, out and down. thank you for sharing.

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