Sunday Picture Post: Land of My Fathers’

Monday 8th March dawns misty and cold. But we’ve arranged to do this 10-mile walk from Acle via Upton to South Walsham (home in 1817 to my many-times great-grandpa, John Self Brown) and back, and so we will.  The bus takes us across the grazing marshes to Acle. Thereafter it’s mostly off-road walking.

Despite a parish almost empty of families Fishley church remains open: it serves the people of Upton too

8th March 2021

Cutting across the field to Upton, what’s this we spy in the naked branches? Could this be mistletoe? Indeed it is.

8th March 2021

There’s a secluded garden accessed via the footpath into Upton village…

8th March 2021

You’d be forgiven if you thought I climbed a tree to take the photo. But look again…

8th March 2021

This delightful garden is a community resource… and home to fairies

8th March 2021

Our path takes us through the reeds…

8th March 2021

with views over the marshes to a mill beside the River Bure

8th March 2021

To deliver us at Upton Staithe

8th March 2021

8th March 2021

Maybe you think of willows when you think of rivers and lakes. But here are alders decked in crimson and gold

8th March 2021

Destination, South Walsham Broad. We sit awhile to eat our lunch, accompanied by Mr Mallard

8th March 2021

And back to Upton by road where we pass an ancient Grandmother Oak

8th March 2021

Before we leave the area, I love old houses; I’d love to live here…

8th March 2021

Hope you enjoyed this week’s walk. The sun didn’t shine, most of the paths were deep in mud, but there were some interesting sights. I’ll share more of those with you on Tuesday.

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11 Responses to Sunday Picture Post: Land of My Fathers’

  1. Dale says:

    I loved today’s walk! The picture of the three boats is particularly lovely. That church is so pretty as is that mini bench. Love the fairy garden in the trees, too.
    Okay, I think we can agree this whole post is delightful 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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