Sunday Picture Post: Boxing Day Beach Photographer

I kept my walk short on Boxing Day (only 4 miles). Here are photos from the first half. I took loads of photos of the sunrise over the sea, but surely you’ve seen enough of these

Sunrise 26 Dec 2020

The ebbing tide left plenty of these… they fascinate me

Ghost waves: 26 December 2020

Always worth a backwards glance…

Britannia Pier: 26 December 2020

Not so many birds today…

A solitary Sanderling: 26 December 2020

But you can see where the gulls have been…

Big Bird’s prints: 26 December 2020

The weather forecaster par excellence…

26 December 2020

Eat your heart out Picasso, the ebbing tide does abstract art too

26 December 2020

26 December 2020

I thought of adding two small stones for eyes and calling arrangement of seaweed Neptune…

26 December 2020

And into the dunes…

26 December 2020

Sea holly: 26 December 2020

A common plant in these dunes. Misnamed. It forms a low-growing shrub

Tree lupin: 26 December 2020

26 December 2020

The dune community… ferns and lichens… the little plants

26 December 2020

26 December 2020

A look back before we leave the dunes…

26 December 2020

… and enter a made-environment…

The Waterways: 26 December 2020

The Waterways with its gardens provide shelter from the sea-breezes but are also a suntrap (as I discovered back in the summer when, taking a coffee break, I burned!)

Waterways Gardens: 26 December 2020

Steps back up to the prom… and we are done

26 December 2020

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little walk.

And a Cheery New Year to you all



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21 Responses to Sunday Picture Post: Boxing Day Beach Photographer

  1. These delivered a smile to my Sunday morning. Multiple favorites … thanks.

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  2. Sadje says:

    Looks like a nice walk. Lovely pictures

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  3. Dale says:

    An absolutely lovely Boxing Day walk!
    Happy 2021 to you and yours!

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  4. Beautiful as always Crispina. The ‘neptune’ pic really looks like a cockerel to me – if you look at the right hand curve as a head!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I like the picasso taunt

    Liked by 1 person

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