CCC103: Annie’s House

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #103

Annie’s colleagues didn’t like her. She was stern, they said; she never smiled. Yet with me, she was fine. She invited me to dinner, after work one Friday night.

“What the…!” I said when I saw where she lived.

She nodded, a hint of a smile. “That’s what my family said too. Then painted gloom for the day the cliff crumbles.”

“But it will,” I said. This stretch of coastline was rapidly collapsing.

Again, she nodded. Then she whispered conspiratorially. “Don’t let on, but this isn’t my only home. I have a… chalet… in the Italian lakes. It earns me a tidy income let out for vacations and invested. And in two years I retire… then let the sea take this shabby old shack. I shall be where the sea can’t reach me.”

Based on a true story.

About crispina kemp

Spinner of Asaric and Mythic tales
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22 Responses to CCC103: Annie’s House

  1. Sadje says:

    Oh wow! Very interesting story

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  2. My little dit is also based on a true story, name changed for sentimental reasons

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  3. I see what you meant when you read my take on your picture. Now I’d love to hear about the true story that yours was based on.

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    • It was quite similar. The woman involved worked at the hospital, and she was coming up to retirement. And rather than to continue commuting she decided to buy a really cheap house… on a cliff that was rapidly eroding. Her family went loopy. But she retired and moved back to London before the cliff finally gave way

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  4. Kim Smyth says:

    This was a good story! I liked it!


  5. Awesome! Sometimes our first impressions are categorically way off the mark.

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  6. Dale says:

    Way to go Annie! Smart woman (and lucky her shack held out until she was ready to get off the cliff before the cliff let her go…)


  7. I love the story and the truth behind it. I have a short story in progress about a collapsing cliff after I read The Easternmost House’ by Juliet Blaxland.

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  8. Wow! The story was amazing. As always, you found an interesting and really cool way to introduce us to a real story. Thank you so much for it!

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