Sunday Picture Post: A Wet Walk to Wickhampton

On Saturday 12th Sept I got up real early and bused out to Acle, thence a walk that skirted the grazing marshes as far as Wickampton, just inland from River Yare. 10-miles round trip.Β When I related the walk to my daughter, she wanted to make the walk too. So again the early rising, this time in the rain.

The start: πŸ“· 23/09/2020

Damage Carr in the wet πŸ“· 23/09/2020

Yea, well, the word carr does mean wet woodland. So…

Weaver’s Way πŸ“· 23/09/2020

Weaver’s Way runs from Cromer (North Norfolk coast) to Great Yarmouth (East Norfolk coast). While some of it follows lesser-used roads, most of its 61 miles are along footpaths and other trackways

Autumnal Reeds and Great Willowherb: πŸ“· 23/09/2020

Have I said that I love reeds? I love reeds 🧑

The Fleet at Acle Marshes: πŸ“· 23/09/2020

The Fleet forms, as it were, the main artery for this part of the draining system

Detail of flora along the Fleet: πŸ“· 23/09/2020

At last, the cloud is breaking: πŸ“· 23/09/2020

It wasn’t to last. But at least there was no more rain

Beef cattle πŸ“· 23/09/2020

Farm buildings: πŸ“· 23/09/2020

We’re off the marsh now and we’re walking on a proper road. Single laned with some wide and deep puddles.

Sunrise? πŸ“· 23/09/2020

It might look like sunrise, and we are looking to east. But this is 9:00 am.

πŸ“· 23/09/2020

What does one call a gathering of trees? A Twitter-friend of mine suggested an Ent-Moot and we decided Tolkein wouldn’t mind.


Destination reached: Wickhampton grazing marshes stretch down the river. But gates were closed, the farmer moving his cattle, so we could go no further. Myself, I was content to take photos of the clouds.

See this Tuesday Treat for flora and fungi from this and related wetland walks


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35 Responses to Sunday Picture Post: A Wet Walk to Wickhampton

  1. You have some great pictures here. Beautiful πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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  2. Dale says:

    Wonderful walk you’ve taken us on! Love it!

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  3. EntangleDesigns says:

    Looks like you had a great time! 😊

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  4. Norfolk is just beautiful. We’ve visited the last two years and I love running on the trails around the Broads. Beautiful pictures x


  5. Why is the water green in the “detail of flora” picture?

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