Blue Schooner

De Gallant: 📷 23/09/2020

Something Old, Something New. another title achieved in Maria’s Antonia’s #2020picoftheweek

I arrived home from my walk on 23rd September to find this moored just across the quay from me. Delighted and curious to see a schooner in port, I had to investigate.

De Gallant belongs to Blue Schooner Company who operate a Voyage Cargo Scheme offering opportunities for producers to ship their goods using the power of the wind. The ships are manned by volunteers. On this occasion, it was carrying coffee and rum from South America.

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6 Responses to Blue Schooner

  1. With that cargo I would gladly be a pirate

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  2. That is so cool! Taking photos and asking questions… I’m not surprised they thought you were a reporter. (Now get that article written and on your editor’s desk, quick. You’re already late with your deadline!)

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  3. I didn’t even know that was a thing! Very cool.


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