No Padlocks Allowed

Angles Way (Burgh Castle): 5th August 2020

Such an odd notice, and a weird place to put it. I had to Take Note, another title achieved in Maria’s Antonia’s #2020picoftheweek

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12 Responses to No Padlocks Allowed

  1. What? Why would anybody put a padlock on a… tree? And with all the foliage, does anybody ever even see the sign? Oh, wait. YOU saw the sign! Did it stop you from getting out that padlock?

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  2. Weird indeed! There must be a story in there somewhere!

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  3. Would strangers want to come along and padlock this person’s fence, just for kicks? And if that’s the case, why do you have to warn them that said padlock will be “cut” when or if they try it? It’s like saying, “I warn you! If you toilet paper my yard, I’ll clean it up!”


  4. Joy Pixley says:

    I echo earlier comments in wondering what the backstory is, and why the phenomenon was so pervasive and so annoying that someone paid to have that sign made (they aren’t that cheap, in my experience). Makes me think of a bridge I saw on a recent trip — although I can’t remember if it was in Germany or France — where locals had a custom of couples putting a padlock on the rails of a specific bridge as a sign of their love. The bridge was filled with them! Apparently the authorities cut them all off periodically, although I wasn’t clear on whether that was to dissuade the practice or to allow yet more people to participate (given that it’s a tourist thing by now).

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  5. Is there a problem with tree padlocks or something?

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    • No, there was a gate here giving onto a private road that gave access to grazing for horses. Seems the various leasees of those grazing marshes were applying their own padlocks to the gate to protect their stock.

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