Sunday Post: Walk on the Wild Side

Okay, so not so wild, just out of town.

On the outskirts, a pensioned coaster that serves someone as home: 18 May 2020

Bure Park nestles against River Bure, defined by the wall: 18 May 2020

White Poplars line this walk: 18 May 2020

A duck pond… without ducks (Bure Park): 18 May 2020

Ah, here they are (Mallard and Pochard) 18 May 2020

And onto the dunes, the breeding ground of Little Terns: 18 May 2020

And lo! Sea Gooseberries, they were everywhere on the beach, brought in on the tide: 18 May 2020

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Spinner of Asaric and Mythic tales
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25 Responses to Sunday Post: Walk on the Wild Side

  1. Deborah says:

    Beautiful Crispina! Thanks for sharing with us! 🙂 ❤

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  2. Dale says:

    Oh you so made the wait worth our while with your tease from yesterday. These are beautiful, Crispina. The love of your homeland shines through your photos.


  3. Thanks for taking us with you for your walk. I really enjoyed it.

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  4. Jen Goldie says:

    I’m not sure what to say. Descriptive words are hard to find. Just you’re so lucky to live near an area where you can take such beautiful photographs and enjoy the country side.
    Thank you. I was worth the wait! 💜

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  5. Joy Pixley says:

    What a lovely day. Thank you for taking us along on your walk, so that I can vicariously enjoy that scenery. I especially like that poplar. with its curves that suggest we caught it mid-dance and it’s just waiting for us to leave so it can resume.

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    • I like your poetic take on that tree. When I posted it, I thought of you. One of the first times you commented on my blog was regards a very similar photo, though that one was pine, and I think it was in 2016.
      Thank you for being a faithful follower 🙂


      • Joy Pixley says:

        And thank you for reliably posting such wonderful photos that allow me to vicariously experience the gorgeous outdoors of your region!

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      • There’s more to come. I came home with 200 photos today. Not all usuable, some of them variations of a theme. And they’ll take ages to process. But I might post just one of them tomorrow since I haven’t any other posts going out

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  6. Lovely scenery Crispina.

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