Beta Readers Wanted for Learning to Fly


Learning to Fly: The blurb

When Neve’s grandma dies, she decides now is a good time to find her mother… only to decide against it when she discovers she’ll have to take a long-haul flight. That search is revived when she meets the immortal Raesan with his disquieting news. There follows a hunt through history to find her grandpa as a prelude to finding that far distant mother. Meanwhile, there’s a dragon about to wake after a thousand-year sleep…

But what is a beta reader?
A reader who offers detailed feedback on plot, characters, clarity and pacing.

What do I want?
Readers of all ages and both sexes to help me perfect Learning to Fly (154k words) historical fantasy fiction

What do I ask of you?
That you read the book—sent to you in four sections of around 34k words (novella size)—and answer a few questions, some specific, some general, in as many or as few words as suits you.

Simple, yea?

What to do next?
Fill in and submit the form on the Contact Page. I will then send you further details.

More information on being a beta reader can be found at beta-reader etiquette

About crispina kemp

Spinner of Asaric and Mythic tales
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2 Responses to Beta Readers Wanted for Learning to Fly

  1. MythRider says:

    Sounds interesting, but I’m in the middle of finishing my novel.
    Just not enough time to read everything. ;0(

    Liked by 1 person

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