Update ReadEveryBooks Scam

First, the situation with the tweeter, Eunice Beckman. Tweets began on 3rd March 2020. To date, 800+ tweets have been posted. That’s 800+ books linked to the we-books.ga site. See the screenshots that follow.

I haven’t checked out all the books offered free for download, but those I have are, like my own Lake of Dreams, available only on pre-order. Now isn’t that odd?

The link given in the tweets goes to we-books.ga. See the following shots. Yesterday, the Contact Us button on we-books.ga site linked to ReadEveryBooks.com.

They searched the web and couldn’t find? No, a search would have delivered them to this blog, my author’s page on Goodreads, and the Kindle Store on Amazon

The link here went to ReadEveryBooks.com Note the variety of formats available

No comment required!

Yesterday, the Contact Us button on we-books.ga site linked to ReadEveryBooks.com. I tracked them down to their service provider and reported their scam (piracy, copyright infringement and phishing).

Today I find the thread regarding my book is closed. See the pics below.

In case you can’t see, for it is small, Caffeine, a Senior Member, says CC just to make sure you aren’t a bot. And the last post on the thread: Thanks guys, was waiting for this book long time too. (I should be so lucky!) She really ought to have gone to Amazon!

And the Contact link now delivers the enquirer to talecrate.com

Talecrate was registered in March 2017, has a UK tech contact and a most interesting Hosting History: 3 changes on 4 unique name servers over 3 years.

I checked out talecrate. See the pic…

Job done. Warning given. Please do avoid.

And once again, this evening, the link takes gs the enquirer to ReadEveryBooks. Somewhat erratic in the addresses!

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27 Responses to Update ReadEveryBooks Scam

  1. Jen Goldie says:

    WTG!! Crispina!! Want a reblog?

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  2. Jen Goldie says:

    Reblogged this on Jen Goldie – A little this, a little that, some real and some imaginings. and commented:
    UPDATE!!! on SCAM! written loud! from Crispina Kemp 3/13/2020

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  3. Judy says:

    Definitely sucks to have to worry about this stuff!! Every new technology has its thieves!! Buyers should always be aware that free often means stolen when it comes to intellectual property unless an obvious short term marketing move on the part of an author.

    And, if you don’t respect intellectual property of others, then don’t expect your own work to be respected. Really good you bird dogged this some. Luckily I am a print on demand girl and don’t often read via downloads.

    One of my Google gripes was when they were scanned ie digitized books of all kinds for a world library. Which for old things …like actual images of old paper and drawings of educational books etc long past copyright…..to see the look of real drawings and parchment etc…great!! But, they also digitized copyrighted material without permission and expected the authors to reach out and say no. That defeats the purpose of copyright…its not yours you have to ask first. Ursula Le Guin was big on fighting Google on this issue.

    I am sorry you got caught up in this but glad you took action. Copyright must be defended!!

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    • Thanks, Judy.
      I remember writing a post on my history blog about the scanning of books. Great for (armchair) historians, to be have access to the older books. But publishers then noticed the popularity and so decided to republish. Which meant they were no longer public domain, no longer available for free.

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  4. EntangleDesigns says:

    Looks like you did it! Way to go! πŸ™‚


  5. Now I realize I’m just behind on my reading ’cause you already answered my thoughts on it

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