Crimsons’s Creative Challenge #54


Welcome to my weekly challenge—open to all—just for FUN, FUN, FUN

Here’s how it works:

Every Wednesday I post a photo (this week it’s that one above.)
You respond with something CREATIVE

Here are some suggestions:

  • An answering photo
  • A cartoon
  • A joke
  • A caption
  • An anecdote
  • A short story (flash fiction)
  • A poem
  • A newly minted proverb, adage or saying
  • An essay
  • A song—the lyrics or the performance

You have plenty of scope and only two criteria:

  • Your creative offering is indeed yours
  • Your writing is kept to 150 words or less

If you post a link in the comments section of this post I’ll be able to find it
If you include Crimson’s Creative Challenge as a heading, WP Search will find it (theory)
by ‘Searching’ in the WP Reader (fingers crossed)

Here’s wishing you inspirational explosions. And FUN.

The photo shows the undercroft at St Olave’s Priory just outside Great Yarmouth. Built in C14th, it is one of the earliest brick-constructed vaults. It was later used as a cottage.

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Spinner of Asaric and Mythic tales
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97 Responses to Crimsons’s Creative Challenge #54

  1. Jen Goldie says:

    Hi Crispina.:) This photo is evoking a lot of sadness from my point of view. I’m wondering what I’ll come up with. Hopefully a happy ending. 😊

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  2. Violet Lentz says:

    This weeks prompt came in directly in the center of my writing something for which a photo depicting the bowels of the church could not be more perfect….. But… you knew there had to be a but coming didn’t you? My piece is nearly 1200 words. Be that as it may I will post it tomorrow and link to you anyway as I know I shall never compose a more perfect offering for this prompt.
    You may if you like assign a penance….

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  3. Caption: Lair of the Arch-enemy

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  4. Jen Goldie says:

    If you’re seeing this. Welcome back 🙂💜

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  7. Oooh, I love this. Here’s hoping time will be more friendly than it has been the last few weeks.

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  9. Good morning.
    Here’s what I saw in that picture.


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  10. Just the sort of place I love to visit and take photos, it seldom plays out like this situation as follows though,

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  12. Violet Lentz says:

    Ugh! nothing more frustrating than loss of connectivity. I have posted, and though it is long, I believe it worth the few moments it might take to read. I tell you, this photo was a godsend. Exactly what I needed for this piece.

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  14. Indira says:

    Reblogged this on Sharing Thoughts and commented:
    Welcome to my weekly challenge—open to all—just for FUN, FUN, FUN

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  16. Brian Bixby says:

    I don’t usually do drugs. But Olave said it would be OK.

    The next thing I know, I’m visiting my own intestines. While I’ve had them all life-long, I can’t say I was on a visiting basis with them. There are topological issues involved.

    They looked like the vaulted cellar of a church I’ve visited. Even had windows. I was reluctant to look through them, but then I caught sight of one of my ovaries. I had a boyfriend once who said my ovaries were the most beautiful thing about me. Turns out he was right. How did he know?

    The priest told me it was time to clear out, and gave me a bottle of laxative. I drank it and drowned.

    I woke up in intensive care. They had removed an obstacle from my intestines. I hope it wasn’t me.

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  20. Wonderful photo. Timely, in some ways, at least in what it evoked it me …
    Thank you for hosting this!

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  29. A very atmospheric photo, Crispina. Beautiful! 🙂

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