The Spinner’s Game e-book Update #20

July … and I’m thinking Christmas will see the publication on Kindle of The Spinner’s Game. The first three books – The Spinner’s Child, Lake of Dreams, and The Pole That Threads – then a month later, the final two: Lady of First Making and Asaric Sins (working title).

In the meantime, I’ve two items of good news to report.

Book Four: Lady of First Making (working title Asaric Sons)

Always with the return of beta readers’ questionnaires with their various comments, there are revisions to be made, minor or major. I put this work on hold while I focused on Book Five, and it seems to have bubbled away on the backburner for soooo long. But now, finally, I can attend it.

Once complete (hopefully by next month’s update) I shall reveal the book cover for this fourth book. Oh, excitement!

Book Five: (working title Asaric Sins)

O Yay, O Yay! Rewrite complete! I feel like a pressure cooker, the weight now released. Wow! I want to dance, to laugh, to sing. Hmm, so that’s where my protagonist gets it from. 😊

So now …

I hope to be able to welcome back my regulars. This project couldn’t have happened without you.

But newbies too are welcome. I know it’s off-putting, that you’ve not read the earlier books and fear you’ll be diving into unknown waters. Yet I would dearly love to have your reactions as a new reader. What is it like to read this fifth book without reading the rest?

Interested? Contact Me. But first I am duty bound to warn you, this last book contains material some people might find upsetting.

Book Five (working title Asaric Sins) Blurb

When shamanic wise-woman Kerrid visited Idiglat Plain as a child, few people dwelt there. Now, faced with a flood of refugees, she leads her people there to find the only land available is in the outlying foothills. An Asar known as the Qar of Lohanit grants her and her Gusrikt the use of it. There she grows a plant that yields the lightest, strongest fibres. She intends to use it in a renewed attempt to reach the divine world, a vital move if she’s to complete her task to eradicate the snake-demon Neka. But things don’t go as she planned.

Who is this Qar of Lohanit? And what’s his connection to the Southern Lord, closest ally of the snake-demon? And what is this hold the Qar has over her?

In this last book of The Spinner’s Game, Kerrid finds herself faced with the consequences of two broken oaths. And if she doesn’t make amends, humanity will die.

The Spinner’s Game
Set in the between-time, when hunter-gatherers turned to settled agriculture, when spirits and demons morphed to gods, the five books of The Spinner’s Game takes Kerrid’s story across continents and weaves through ages fraught with floods and droughts to become the prototype of our most ancient myths.

Bs 1 and 2 and 3 cp

The Spinner’s Game book covers, designed by Lauren Willmore. © Lauren Willmore


The next e-book update will be … Sunday 4th August.




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11 Responses to The Spinner’s Game e-book Update #20

  1. Jen Goldie says:

    I’m excited for you Crispina! If I were there with you I’d give you a big hug! Whether you liked it or not! LOL I’m a hugger. Nuthin like a good hug I say! 😊 I love the covers btw 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Violet Lentz says:

    I cannot believe you have time to write blog posts let alone read and comment with all of this on your plate at the same time. You are quite the time manipulator, Crispina…

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Joy Pixley says:

    What gorgeous covers! I don’t think I’d seen the second and third before. You really did luck out to find such a wonderful artist to design those!


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