Beta Readers Wanted for Book Four

Beta Readers Required

You like reading, yea? Fantasy fiction. Mythic Quests. Perhaps something a little out of the ordinary? Say, something set in a prehistoric society. But you’ve not done this before; you’re unsure.

Then first I’ll assure you: I am friendly. And I try to make the process easy as pie. You read the story, answer some questions—could you understand that scene, did this or that grate, have I overinformed, underinformed, who did you like best—that kind of thing, and return the completed questionnaire to me. Simple as ABC.

But you’re still unsure. Book Four: that means you’ve missed the previous three. Will you be able to pick up on the plot? Understand what’s happening? Get a feel for the protagonist and other characters?  But these are exactly the questions my faithful core-betas are less able to answer. That’s why I NEED YOU.

Make the first move: Contact Me

Asaric Sons, Working Title, back cover blurb

The Spinner has tasked Kerrid to eradicate the snake-demon Neka, believed responsible for the Asars banishment from their high World of Divinities. It seems an impossible task. For if the Spinner can’t kill the demon, how can she? Yet Kerrid is convinced, if she can return to the World of Divinities, she’ll find the solution there.

Unable to use the pole of Book Three, Kerrid now tries a different strategy. There are holes in the sky, and one is above Black Mother Mountain in Gushan, familiar from her child-days. If she returns there, if she climbs the mountain … But there she faces an obstacle. Her sister.

Kerrid’s childhood nemesis, her sister has forbidden Kerrid access to Gushan, and her sister is the keeper of the demon in physical form. That demon has taken everyone Kerrid ever loved: her father, her foster-mother, the Linershunn who gave her shelter, and most recently her mortal lover Jedren, father of the child she now carries.

Now she must protect that infant, keep him safe from the demon. Yet at the same time, she must complete her task. How can she do both? And what if further troubles await her?

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