When Cleanliness Was Next to Godliness

I visit many churches on my rambles. This week I visited St Mary’s at Long Stratton (Norfolk, England). The stained glass east window was a delight being a ‘modern’ creation (hmm, 1929) incorporating medieval fragments, some very early, from both England and Flanders (and probably places beyond). Yet it was the bootscraper by the south door that really caught my eye.

Footscraper Long Stratton church

Bootscraper at the south door of St Mary’s church, Long Stratton: Photo 23rd August 2018

I’ve seen many neglected and forgotten, rusty battered old scrapers set to one side of couuntry church doors. This one was different: I don’t know its age, but it was clean, it was treasured.

#2018picoftheweek challenge: Details

For the tiles, the eroded carved stone, the exposed flint wall, the once flush flush-work, the leached minerals but, most of all, that bootscraper.

And for those interested, the aforesaid east window.

Stained Glass St Mary's Long Stratton

Medieval stained glass assemblage at St Mary’s Long Stratton; Photo 23rd August 2018

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24 Responses to When Cleanliness Was Next to Godliness

  1. Dale says:

    I love that with the “obvious” beauty of the stained glass window, you were more enraptured by the boot scraper and its surroundings. Something I think I would have as well!

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  2. Joy Pixley says:

    Great detail in the shot of the bootscraper — I see what you mean, that it looks so much more cared for than most. I love the contrast with the damaged stone and the colorful tiles. For me, I would gravitate toward that image over a stained glass window any day. I think I have seen more stained glass windows than my lifetime allotment as it is, and goodness but don’t they all look similar after a while!

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  3. gahlearner says:

    Great details, I love glass windows, but the scraper is unique. We have one at the end of the garden path, but believe me, that one looks different, LOL. Great challenges, too, where did you find them?

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