It All Began

geological-time by skeeze

Original image by skeeze; tweaked by cp

“It all began when Jan met Ned.”

No. Wrong.


Everything that ever had happened in Jan’s life led to that moment. Ditto for Ned.


“It all began when Jan was born, three years to the day after Ned.”



You’re forgetting the effects of a mother’s nutritional levels upon the foetus. And we all know how a stressful environment can affect the child for the rest of its life.

Okay. If you say.

“It all began when Jan’s mother bought the pregnancy test-kit.”

No, no. You have to factor in the father. And what were the circumstance of the mother’s life up till then.


“It all began when God, in boredom, sighed and for an instant reversed his gravity.”

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2 Responses to It All Began

  1. Brian Bixby says:

    But we then have to look into what God’s mother was up to while she was carrying him.


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