A Plant By Any Other Name . . . .

(Would be easier to spell)


Rhododendron: Photo 20th May 2018

Although my usual plant subjects are native to England, this Rhododendron leapt in front of the camera, the sun full upon it, begging to be pixel-captured.

Rhododendron close up

Rhododendron: Photo 20th May 2018

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4 Responses to A Plant By Any Other Name . . . .

  1. It IS hard to spell, but I love the way the word rolls off the tongue! Beautiful flower.

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    • crimsonprose says:

      Until I downloaded the photos, then really zoomed into the heart of the flower, I had realised how complex, and the colours, amazing. And the light, exceptionally bright for an English May day, caught it just right.

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  2. Lynn Love says:

    Absolutely amazing colour! Reminds me of Derbyshire where I grew up where there seem to be thousands of the things 🙂

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