A Call for Beta Readers

Asaric Tales Update #4: Call for Beta Readers

Beta Readers RequiredWhat is a beta reader?
A reader who offers detailed feedback on plot, characters, clarity and pacing.

What do I want?
Readers of all ages and both sexes to help me perfect Asaric Lies (98k words), book one of the five part fantasy fiction Asaric Tales. 

What do I ask of you?
That you read the book—sent to you in five sections—and answer a few questions, some specific, some general, in as many or as few words as suits you.

Simple, yea?

But what’s this Asaric Tales about?

Well, first off, Asaric Tales is a 5-book series. Right now I’m working on Book One: Asaric Lies.

Asaric Lies: The Blurb

Born of a fisher-hunter clan, fraudulent seer Kerrid holds two false beliefs. That in her supernatural abilities she is unique, and as Voice of the Lady she’s exempt from Plaited Woman’s fate. The arrival of nine boats from the east shatters both these beliefs. Forced to make an unwise judgement there follows a trail of death. Questions plague her: Why does she dream of babies burning? Why does a voice in her head—Suffer the loss, suffer the pain—taunt her of some dire deed? What has she done? And what is she that no matter how lethal the wound, she does not die?

In Asaric Lies (Book 1 Asaric Tales), Kerrid explores and develops her supernatural powers, gains a glimmering of what she might be, discovers the source of the accusatory voice in her head, and sheds her fraudulent status to become a fully trained wise-woman, able to enter the all-encompassing otherworld Web. But this is only the first step on her journey.

Set in the between-time when Ice Age gave way to warmer days, when nomadic hunter-fisher turned to settled agriculture, when spirits and demons morphed to gods, Asaric Tales crosses continents and weaves through ages fraught with floods and droughts to the prototype of our most ancient myths.

If you’re interested, fill in and submit the form on the Contact Page. I will then send you further details.

More information on being a beta reader can be found at beta-reader ettiquette

One note of caution before you volunteer: In Book One there are several references to sexual child abuse. Although not intense, certain sensitive people might find this disturbing.


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