Outdoors Indoors Sunshine

Winter has hit Great Yarmouth with a vengeance—just to make up for all those years we’ve missed it.With an easterly wind blasting powdering snow at my windows so I can’t even see out, I’ve decided to keep the curtains shut. But where’s the sun?


I cut a double handful of daffodil buds on Sunday. Last night they opened. Outdoor sunshine, indoors. And they smell divine.

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4 Responses to Outdoors Indoors Sunshine

  1. Brian Bixby says:

    They ARE pretty. And I was just rereading a book (Picnic at Hanging Rock) in which daffodils figure.
    Meanwhile, in Nova Anglia, we had a splendid and warm day, which was great because I had to bicycle about 20 miles.

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    • crimsonprose says:

      Odd coincidence, yesterday I started to watch a documentary about Ayres Rock (started but changed my mind), which reminded me of a film seen years ago. Yea, you guessed it: Picnic at Hanging Rock.
      Meanwhile, though the snow stops the high winds do not: straight in from the east, straight into the three sides of my place, temperatures sub-zero, like minus 13 C (wind chill factor) and no matter how high I turn my hearing I still can’t beat that wind. It remains way beyond what might pass as ‘warm’ (and this is indoors). .

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