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A Call to Arms

In Intwood churchyard there lies a grave, fancily enclosed with a wrought iron grille made shades of green by Nature’s hand. Moss obscures whatever inscription once was there yet leaves for us a useful clue. A coat of arms. The … Continue reading

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Beginners Guide to Who’s Who in Alisalm-Land

An ALSALDA Supplement Remember that map of Alisalm-Land I posted way back in the heat of summer? It showed nine granaries and seven traders holds. Characters from each of these will figure in some way as the tale of Alsalda … Continue reading

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Lady Isabel FitzOsbert

Today, in a political climate of concern for the environment, we’ve become more aware of the effects our behavious upon the lives of our children and their children’s children. It wasn’t always so. Though it certainly was in the Gentry Game, … Continue reading

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The Gentry Game

The Gentry Game, prelude to Part 4 of the Jerningham Story is now (belatedly) available on Crimsons History.

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