Flying the Flag

5th May 2023 

With the coronation of King Charles III imminent, the town was hung with flags (ok, a few were flying). So when I saw this I assumed it was one belonging to our royal family (btw this is the reverse view). But when I got home and googled it, it belongs to a Bavarian Brewery: Weihenstephaner and probably bears the heraldic arms of Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria. But it’s still a flag and still starts with ‘F’.

Starts with ‘F’: one of the titles from Maria Antonia’s #2023picofthe week

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6 Responses to Flying the Flag

  1. It is really the official bavarian state flag😉. By the way, we will be in eastanglia from 03. to the 08th of June, any chance of a get together?

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  2. Oh, those tricky flying flags trying to fool us! (Great story to go with the photo!)

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  3. Dale says:

    Haha! Love that.


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