Spring Update 2022

A Regular Pattern

Followers on this blog will notice over the past year I’ve settled into a regular pattern.  Marie’s Photo Challenge. Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt. Sunday Picture Post. Tuesday Treats, and Crimson’s Creative Challenge.

My personal life has been less structured!

I moved house in late June 2021; downsized to a 1950’s bungalow with a moderate sized garden. That garden was a wilderness, so much of my time has been devoted to that. Pays off. It’s looking good.

And then there’s my writing!


I am enormously chuffed to announce today sees the publication of Roots of Rookeri, available on Amazon as both e-book and paperback.

A Key, a Tree, a Prophesy

A Tangle of Mistaken Identities

An astrologer-priest, a judge’s daughter, a playwright-dancer and an unwilling heiress…

A triple eclipse, a sea-monster, not to mention the bandits…

Available on Amazon

I posted Roots of Rookeri to this blog in serial-form way back in 2014. At that time I’d no intentions of publishing. It’s been an experience to revisit and improve it.

My thanks to my beta readers, Sammi, Brian, Judy, Shen, and to Lauren Willmore, my critique partner and FABULOUS cover designer, who have made this day possible..


Back in the Dark Days of my illness (2004), I wrote The Hare and Adder. Thinking it wonderful, I sent it to an agent (2005). The agent was long in reading it; it interested her but not in its present form. Meanwhile, I’d been rushed into hospital with a viral infection of the brain, probably made possible by the ME/CFS that already weighed me down.  I came out of hospital barely able to write three words. A rewrite was impossible.

While learning to write again, I  also studied the craft of writing fiction… and Learning to Fly was born. And Roots or Rookeri. And The Spinner’s Game. All posted here in serial form. But The Hare and Adder I did not touch.

Until this year.

Yesterday I finished the rewrite, edited and tidied and ready for beta readers to appraise or pull apart, validate, invalidate, tell me they love it, they hate it, whatever. So if you’re up for beta reading, see my Contact page

The Hare and Adder, set in a Neolithic culture, follows the struggles of Elde Freilsen’s daughter. (Those who’ve read The Pole That Threads will know Elde Freilsen.) Trained to be a granary-keeper by the Kerdolan of Lienershi, that future is then denied her, and she is not at all happy. She will have that granary. SHE WILL!

Interested? Contact me on my Contact page.

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9 Responses to Spring Update 2022

  1. Nope, Not Pam says:

    I’ve contacted as requested, always happy to help out

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  2. Frank says:

    Cant wait to read them both!

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  3. granny1947 says:

    May you go from strength to strenth.

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  4. Dale says:

    You have been a very busy lady! I shall have to add to my collection (which I do plan to read soon!)


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