CCC177: My Little Pony

“I spit on the Romans and spit trebly upon that hill-tribe queen, Caradoc-Bear’s own kin, who handed him over to the emperor’s men, saying she ‘feared Roman retribution elsewise’.”

“Queen Cartimandua?”

“Yeh, her. My little pony.”

Neve didn’t understand the reference but understood the savage tone. Raesan definitely didn’t like her.

Extract taken from Learning to Fly by Crispina Kemp, Interest? Go to


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Spinner of Asaric and Mythic tales
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14 Responses to CCC177: My Little Pony

  1. Yes I thought about My Little Pony when I saw that image.

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  2. Sadje says:

    I’ll check it out. Thanks

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  3. Dale says:

    But “My Little Pony” is just so innocent…

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  4. MythRider says:

    Hi Crispina, You may know that I finished my trilogy and am now working on a six book fantasy series. I’m working on the whole story at once by writing all six plots before I start on the novels.
    You partly inspired me. I liked how you published your book series all at once. Which tells me, you wrote the books together.
    I don’t plan to publish all at once, but I will write them one after the other. Then I will publish them close together.
    Thanks for the inspiration, Phyllis

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    • So happy I can be inspiration for someone. Go for it.
      My series began as just one story, but the word count was enormously high. Thus I broke it down to five. The main story arcs across the 5 book, with each book equating to a stage of the MCs journey. It worked.
      I wish you great luck with yours 🙂

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      • MythRider says:

        Yes, I’m trying to do the same thing. ;0)
        I too started with a short story now a six book series. Sounds like we have vivid imaginations.
        Which means a lot more stories. 😉

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      • Those stories are still flowing. Although Roots of Rookeri, which launches this week, isn’t part of the Spinner’s world, the WIP (Hare & Adder) is. Hoping to publish that next summer. And the next one is in 4th draft, and the one after that… needs lots of tidying, but it’s there

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      • MythRider says:

        Great. The story is still unfolding.


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